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April 25 & 26
Overland Park, Kansas

Trauma is universal. And poverty continues to overwhelm our families, our communities, and our institutions.

The Bridging to Resilience two-day conference will focus on creating a connected body of educators, students, families, and community workers sharing ideas, resources, and strategies for addressing poverty and trauma in your schools and neighborhoods. 

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We know that there are great things happening in schools all over the state. And so we started thinking:

What if we purposefully sought out those stories, talked to teachers and students, and posted those conversations online?

From that thought, Destination EDventure was born. The plan was simple. Travel across destination edventureKansas. Discover amazing teachers and students doing amazing things. Highlight those things through interviews and video. Share the stories via social media channels. Then . . . do it again.

Join Jaime Howard and Glen Duran on their Edventure as they highlight educators and students around the state, uncovering stories and sharing how schools are preparing kids for their future.

Destination EDventure: Relationships first, everything else second



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Professional Learning Opportunities.

ESSDACK content specialists have been providing high-quality professional learning opportunities for over 30 years. Our in-house workshops range from literacy to numeracy to G Suite integration to PBL best practices. 

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