An Essdack Project


(Blue Cross/Blue Shield)

Recognizing the potential to leverage group size, ESSDACK established a unique group-health insurance pool in October 1991. The pool is self-funded but written on fully-funded paper and underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas.  The Insurance Group has also established a stabilization fund, which is used to buy down premiums for members resulting in more stable rates from one year to the next.

Participants may choose either individual or family coverage with $500, $1,000 or $1,500 per person deductible.  Prescription coverage is included.  See Summary of Benefits and Coverage for additional Details.

Participation in the ESSDACK insurance consortium is limited to member districts and requires per-qualification.  Application for participation must be made by Feb. 1. Districts who would like additional information may contact Mike Cook at or view more details regarding coverage options and district requirements at—Health Insurance Coverage Options

Insurance Coverage Options